Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Moving.... on?

It's one of my last nights in my apartment.  Seems funny to say that since I'm not actually moving until the end of the month.  But, I'm leaving tomorrow and will gone for just over a week and then back for only a night or two.

Doesn't really matter though.  Hasn't felt like my apartment since I started dismantling it.  It's hard work, all this moving.  But it was nice to see some smiles today when I dropped things off at a few places around town.  It's funny how to me the recession means I can keep less, but to those running donation centers, it seems to mean they get less.  I'm surprised there aren't more people downsizing.  I guess most people are trying to sell anything they can for whatever they can get.  *sigh* oh well.

Anyway, tomorrow I head out for Cali.  I was super excited, now I'm just tired.  This drive is to get my car out there and get me up to Seattle for a conference.  After the conference is when I'll really move.  I think there's more to pack than I thought but I'm doing ok.  It's the stuff that's hard to pack until it's time to go: dishes, bedding, the few clothes that are left out, toiletries, the stereo.  You know, the really important stuff you use everyday.

I'll try to keep y'all posted as I'm driving down highway 40.


MaryRuth said...

End of one chapter and the beginning of another one! Congrats and best wishes on your graduation.
I know you probably won't have time for much sight-seeing on your road trip, but if you have the chance...stop off in Erick, Oklahoma to visit "The Sand Hills Curiosity Shop". We accidentally stumbled across the place and its proprietors--Harley and Annabelle-- on our trip on RT66 and it was a life-changing experience (really).
It truly is just right off I-40, on Sheb Wooley Blvd, off Main St.
The Meteor Crater is nice too, in AZ.
Have a safe and fun trip!

goldenrail said...

It's funny you mentioned Erick. That's where we usually stop for the first night. But this time, I pushed on and got your comment in Texas. Maybe I can aim to stop there when I do the drive again in a week and a half.