Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Goodnight, from Conway T.

Nope, not Conway Twitty.  Conway, Texas.  That’s where I am tonight.  Last time I was in Texas, someone asked me if I was mixed?  If I was asked that now, I think I’d say “yes. 7/8 human and 1/8 tomato.”  That’s what happens after you drive 900 miles with your windows down, all during all the day.  By the end of tomorrow I may be an 1/8 bubble wrap.

Time for sleep, long day again tomorrow. I’m all set except for that rest I’m about to get now.  As I got into bed tonight, I had to think ‘what would munchkinhead do?’  The sheets are pink.


munckinhead said...

sleep on top. sleep is sleep i like it a bit more then i dislike pink

Jeannie said...

Lol - to both your blog and munchkinhead's comment. You must have clashed with the sheets! ;)

goldenrail said...

Noooo! Mommy, I hadn't thought about my red arm clashing with the pink sheets! This is terrible. I should have gotten my pink kimono and fuzzy slippers out of the car, hidden my arm before getting into bed.
Munchkinhead: what if it was cold?