Sunday, June 7, 2009

HO(me) Up, G’s Down

Fried chicken for breakfast? Yup. Fried chicken that’s so good you have to call the restaurant, not to reserve your table, but to reserve your chicken. Mr. Trizzle took The Legend out for breakfast to thank him for helping us unload my truck. I tagged along with them to Jodie’s, a local legend restaurant. One of the closest things to Southern Food you’ll find up here. My very spicy eggs were pretty darn good, and very cheesy. :)

We enjoyed our fabulously unique breakfast out on the sunny sidewalk. (Thank you Bay weather for cooperating and making it gorgeous today!) Chatted a bit with Jodie. Watched Mr. Trizzle run into a guy he went to HS with who’s now in law school and interning at a firm founded by a Vandy alum. Watched The Legend and some random girl try to figure out if they knew each other and fail. Fun times had by all. If you're ever in the Bay Area (ahem, Mary Ruth) I suggest you check out Jodie’s!

After breakfast, Mr. Trizzle and I went out to play house: laundry mat, grocery shopping. We have laundry in our building, but the one washing machine seems to have a special fondness for big fluffy things. It’s already chewed up over $200 worth of bedding. I wasn’t feeding it anymore. Especially not my quilts made by Mommy and Grandma. So, we packed up the rest of the bedding and the few other things that didn’t get washed earlier in the week and headed to the laundry mat.

I was a little apprehensive about going to the laundry mat. I mean, I already know so many Matts; I didn’t really want to meet a new one. Plus, I’ve always thought of laundry mats as scary, sketchy places for one of two types of people: poor people (I am poor, but I don’t want to be that poor, yet) and lonely old people who have no one to care for them (and by old, in this sense, I mean like 40).

The laundry mat had some of those people and some others. I guess it was ok, but I’m still a little weirded out by taking your dirty laundry out in public. It’s generally all balled up and in some sort of bag or basket so people don’t really see it. But then, when you start folding it there, everybody can see everything. This also greatly creeps me out. I’m glad the bedding’s washed. The washing machine in our apartment complex doesn’t seem to like the taste of regular clothes, no chewing there.

Grocery shopping was great fun, as always. For people with such different diets, I think we do a remarkably good job of making meals and buying groceries. Daddy would almost be proud of me, we saved 26% by using the in-store flyer to get things on sale. And, I’ve started saving coupons at home. :D

After our errands were done, we rested for a bit and then attacked the massive disaster in the back room. It’s looking pretty good now. Mr. Trizzle got a long, plasticy, table to serve as a desk and go his office part of the room all arranged like, well, like an office. Once that was done, I was able to get to my side of the room. I finally have a sewing table instead of a big mound of stuff. Soon, we will have curtains! There’s still a few things out of place - pens without a pen holder, random boxes - so no pictures yet.

A very good, productive, yet fairly relaxing Saturday. Oh yeah, and there was an earthquake, centered in El Cerrito!


Jeannie said...

Are you ever going to post any pictures? Don't tell me your camera's lost or broken, or that the video on your laptop's not working...
Glad to hear it's becoming 'home'.

goldenrail said...

Mommy, I'll post pictures when I take them. I don't want to post pictures of "disaster in progress." This is not a horror blog; it's supposed to be a fun place!

MaryRuth said...

Glad to hear things are coming together and you finally have a place for sewing.
Jodie's sound pretty cool--I will have to check it out sometime. One of these days I have to explore the East Bay. I went to a Packer game in Oakland once, and that was about it. Although I usually do fly through there since it is usually cheaper than SFO (and then take BART to the city)
Definitely was a beautiful weekend.

goldenrail said...

There was a Packer game in Oakland?! If they ever have one of those again, I am soooooooooooo going. Glad you had a nice time up in the Yay, can't wait to read all about it on your blog. ;)

MaryRuth said...

The Packers play Oakland every couple of years. This particular game was a pre-season in 1996. My first Packer game, actually. I remember being shocked that the Oakland fans were booing their own team.
The Packers also play the Niners, but this year at Lambeau. I am bummed they aren't playing in CA this year--I think I will go to the Phoenix game in Jan.

goldenrail said...

Good to know. I'll have to watch for when the Packer's do play in the Bay Area. It's the only way I'll be able to bribe my sister into coming out to visit me!