Monday, June 29, 2009

Here is the Cafeteria, Here is the Stage

Today, Mr. Trizzle took me to a service in the church where he grew up.  No steeple, no organ, no hymnal, no solemnity.  I need not say more about how I liked it; we need no more posts about my reactions to ‘modern’ churches.

The preacher started listing off qualities somewhere near the end of the whatever-that-sort-of-like-a-sermon-thing is called.  He was just going through them; I don’t really remember what they were.  I just remember thinking after each one, “that’s my mommy.”  Then the guy said, ‘these people make the best friends.’  And I nearly started crying cuz I miss my mommy (and cuz I know that she is the best kind of friend). 

I hate being so far away from my family.  I want to be able to stop by whenever and visit.  Or see my parents for dinner every week like my aunt and uncle saw my grandparents before my grandpa passed away.  (Now grandma is moving in with them, so they get to spend even more time wit her.)  I want my family to remain the center part of my life it’s always been.  I want a grown-up life like Mommy’s side of the family, not Daddy’s.  (I love my aunties and uncles and cousins on Daddy’s side, but they are all very separated and have been together only twice or something in the past 30 years.)

The speaking guy went on, talking about other types of good things these people make.  Wives, Fathers, Husbands, etc.  When he got to mothers he talked about how they’ll raise the best families, families that are these neat little together units and stuff.  How they pull everyone together and make a home that flows together and works as a team.  Mommy did a good job of raising a connected family.  Can we please stay that way?


munckinhead said...

*shakes head yes*

Jeannie said...

Stop making me cry....we can stay connected better than daddy's side through the wonders of technology - I know it's not the same thing as really being together, but at least it lessens the time it takes to communicate with each other.