Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Communication Fail

Mr. Trizzle and I have been trying that laundry mat thing. We seem to have some fundamental differences over how we do laundry. For example, Mr. Trizzle insists that I like to do all that ‘fancy’ stuff, like use the different temperature settings on the washing machines. (Mr. Trizzle is sort of the opposite of my daddy; he washes everything on warm and dries it all on hot.)

Now that he makes baller money, we also seem to disagree on what’s reasonable. A week’s worth of laundry at the apartment building costs $6.00 (4 laundry loads at $1.00 each, plus 4 dryer loads at $.50 each). A week’s worth of laundry this week at the laundry mat cost us $12.00 (2 big washers at $4.00, one little washer at $2.00 and 3 loads of dryer at $.75, $1 and $1.50.) We’re trying to experiment at how to use the laundry mat most cost-effectively. (I don’t think we can win with the dryers. Washers, maybe – dryers, no.)

Anyway, as we switched from the washers to the dryers, I was in my usual ‘how do we make this cheaper?’ mode. The following conversation ensued:

Mr. Trizzle: I’ve got x in this dryer here, and y in that dryer and the dryer already going has all the whites.

Me: We’re running three dryers?!

Mr. Trizzle: No.

Me: No?

Mr. Trizzle: We’re running one dryer.

Me: But you just showed me a bunch of them.

Mr. Trizzle: Yes, I’m going to take what’s still in the washer and add it to those two loads when the washer finishes.

Me: So we’re running three dryers?

Mr. Trizzle: No

Me: There’s one going now and you have stuff in two more.

Mr. Trizzle: Yes.

Me: That’s three.

Mr. Trizzle: But we’re only running one. We’ll be running three dryers later when the washer stops.

Me: (walking away in a huff)

Mr. Trizzle: (annoyed I’m upset with him for *no* reason)

By the way, he wasn’t trying to be funny. He was just being Mr. Trizzle.


MaryRuth said...

GR---you make me smile! You have to look at it in a time vs $$ way. Spend the 12 bucks for the parallel processing power of the laundromat and spend less time there, or save money but lose time doing it at the apt. I am assuming "baller money" means "lots of money"....so let him pick up the tab while you use your awesome laundry science skillz to get everything done right. win-win.

goldenrail said...

Ooh! I like the 'let him pick up the tab' part. :)

I'm not sure if there really is much of a time benefit because when I do it at home, I put the load in and go do something else until it's time to take it out. It does mean needing to be home all day, but it doesn't mean not doing other things.

However, I'm willing to accept the time benefit part if he accepts the bill ;)