Monday, June 8, 2009

Welcome to Casual Town

It’s funny how sometimes we talk in song lyrics without even meaning to do so.  Today, I was explaining why I prefer the East Bay to San Francisco – mainly the weather – and I said, “I don’t do summer in the city.”  From my quote, it sounded like I either don’t care for the Lovin’ Spoonful or that San Francisco is too hot in the summer.  Neither of which are true.  But, the ‘hot-down’ conjured up by my accidental quoting of the song implied the city is hot in the summer.  It made me laugh a little – and be glad I was talking to someone apparently too young to catch all this.

Later, at lunch, another song slipped in.  The city is known for its cold and cloudy days.  But as we were sitting on the quasi-indoor patio, the sun started to shine.  Someone commented, “here comes the sun.”  Guess who had the Beatles stuck in her head the rest of the day?  Yeah, me.

Song titles aside, the first day of work was pretty uneventful and laid back.  Lots of power point slides, lots of paperwork, lots of mac books (pooey!).  Seems like it’s going to be a very interesting next couple months.  The intern group is small but quite a mishmash of… of… of… stuff?

Two of the other interns make me think of, and miss, my little munchkinhead.  One of the guys is a year younger than her and seems like someone she might bring home.  He looks like he walked out of the 80s, or England.  I’m not trying to be mean; I think that’s actually in style now; I just wouldn’t know; I’m not into the whole hipster scene.  He’s got the skinny leg jeans that are somehow still slightly sagged, converse tennies, and a black T.  His hair reminds me of Flock of Seagulls, or maybe he’s a member of Wham!.  The other guy is from Ireland.  Both of the munchkinhead-guys are techie interns.

I knew the dress code here is casual, but I like dressing up.  So I did.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t go with the skirt and dress shirt like I wanted because it’s so dang cold in the city.  I had to put on the suit jacket just to stay warm.  There were two other interns also dressed up.  One in a suit, one in khakis with a button up shirt and a sweater.  They’re the other law student interns.

There’s one other intern, too.  Another techie guy, sort of.  I think his focus is international outreach.  He does not remind me of munchkinhead.  Like Wham! and Ireland, he was dressed more closely to the style of the place, jeans and pull-over thingy that looks like the one the guy who beats up Dirk Diggler in the parking lot in Boogie Nights was wearing.

Not a whole lot of the staff was here today, but the ones I met all seem really nice.  It’s weird to be interning at a place where most of the people seem pretty close to my age.  I’m used to working with people much older than me.  This is a first.  They were also mostly wearing jeans, but with nicer tops, for the most part.

I’ll probably still be dressed up tomorrow.  Why on earth would I wear jeans for something other than cleaning or bowling?!  I mean really, why wear pants when you can wear a skirt?  Oh, and there’s a shoe repair place across the street from work.  Perfect!  I don’t have to worry about ruining too many lifts.


munckinhead said...


^>^ hehe:p

MaryRuth said...

heh-heh...hipsters....they kind of drive me crazy too.
As Dale told his much younger co-worker: "Dude, that shirt is exactly like the one I wore in sixth grade. And my mom bought it for me."

goldenrail said...

See munchkinhead, you have to come visit. ;)
MR: yeah, it amuses me that many of the hipsters look like pics of my dad in the 70s but w/ 80s hair.