Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hey! Where are the Fake Boobs?

When I was a little girl, I thought Silicone Valley was called Silicone Valley because of all the fake, silicone, boobs in it.  I knew it was in Cali.  Cali has lots of women (and others) with fake chests.  Made perfect sense to me.  Of course, that's much more LA than Bay Area, but since the rest of the country pretty much thinks the two are right next to each other, that hardly matters.

Well, Tuesday I went to Silicone Valley, and you know what?  I didn't see any fake boobs. (Or if I did, they were done so well, I couldn't tell.)  Turns out it's called Silicone Valley for the silicone in the computer parts.  [Fake boobs must be pretty crunchy with all those chips in there!]

A Twitter friend of mine invited me to a discussion panel at a law firm out there.  I won't bore you all with information about the discussion; you can read the IP blog if you want to know more.  I'm just going to tell you about a few really neat parts.

Neat part #1: a pretty famous blogger was on the panel; he used to teach at Marquette law; I got to shake his hand

Neat part #2: a guy came in a little late and sat next to me; when I turned to look, I saw it was someone I had met at INTA just over a week ago

Neat part #3: I got to meet my twitter friend in person - very mini-tweetup; that's always neat

The rest of Tuesday was also pretty cool because I drove all over the place and didn't get lost once!  I found my way to Palo Alto and back (about an hour drive), and went to some places in Berkeley and Oakland.  One of the really tricky parts was getting home from Oakland via freeway.  Hwy 24 to I 580West to I 80 East.  And I did with no problem! :)  (Of course, I got lost next day just trying to take Mr. Trizzle his lunch less than 10 minutes away at his office - but we're talking about Tuesday right now.)  I'm getting better at getting around out here!


Jeannie said...

lol - I can't believe you really thought that! Guess I didn't teach you enough.. :( But glad you're getting to know your way around out there.

goldenrail said...

Come on Mommy, admit it, it makes perfect sense!

dtrizzle said...

You are thinking of the San Fernando Valley. See Wikipedia article, Economy section.