Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fun with Munchkinhead Day 1

Today, I picked Munchkinhead up from the airport.  I had a special sign for her and a nice little welcome packet with all her necessities, or at least most of them.  She’s borrowing Daddy Bunny’s Clipper card so she can ride BART and MUNI easily.  Her packet also has a BART schedule, an Amtrak schedule, Amtrak tickets, tickets to the museum and an itinerary for the week.

She brought me cheese curds! Yay!!!! They even have Bucky Badger on the package, which is so cute.

We tried to stop at Top Dog in Berkeley on the way home from SFO, but it had just closed.  So we opted for the taco truck down the street from me.  Yummy late night snack.  I was surprised she ordered pork tacos and didn’t say anything about them not looking like the tacos we grew up with.  They weren’t very spicy this time; perhaps the lady gringo-fied them for us.

Now it’s time for bed.  Foo Foo’s come along for the visit, too.  I’m sure Daddy Bunny will be very excited to see him!

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munchkinhead said...

and Gibby, he was just still asleep from our trip.