Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fun with Munchkinhead Day 2

Today, I sent Munchkinhead off on her own so I could get some work done.  She went exploring the Marin headlands and Sausalito with our Uncle and his fabulous lady.

They looked at some neat outdoor art pieces, including one made out of trees that were being removed by the city or state government and a few metal sculptures by the guy that did the Sunburst in Milwaukee.  They also visited a special marine mammal place that helps seals.

Here’s Munchkinhead with a seal statue.




Here she is in front of Alcatraz.



And in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.



And here’s the Golden Gate Bridge in front of the Bay Bridge.


I thought that was a really cool picture.

After she was done gallivanting around the North Bay, Munchkinhead came back to the East Bay for knitting night.  Well, first she got a little lost on BART, but she figured it out right away and got herself turned back in the correct direction.

We had lots of fun at knitting.  She learned to knit from Amy the last time she visited.  Amy remembered her and was happy to see she was still knitting.  Knitting was lots of fun; it always is.  There was a really cute new little girl there tonight, and her mother caught onto the knitting right away.

After knitting, Munchkinhead and I did a workout.  Gotta stay in shape.  She may be little, but she’s lots stronger than me.  I need to work on that.

Tomorrow, we’re off on a full day of adventures together, into San Francisco!


Jeannie said...

I'll have to compare that picture in front of Alcatraz with the one from the family trip. No visor this time. ;)

munchkinhead said...

hey you stole my camera!
Mom, that picture was taken on the other side.

goldenrail said...

Hee hee ;)