Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fun with Munchkinhead Day 6

Saturday is football day.  So, I took Munchkinhead along and she joined in the fun.

Every Saturday, people gather at Berkeley High to play flag football.  Having grown up in football-focused Cudahy, I’m still amazed the public is allowed on Berkeley’s football field.  It’s a nice field, too, turf.  Whoever shows up gets to play.  It’s never exactly the same group, though there’s certainly regulars who show up nearly every week.   The Facebook group is huge, and usually about 30-some people come out.

This week was a little odd – the normal equipment guy was out of town and the people who had the equipment were a bit late, and there was an extra amount of aggression than usual.  Perhaps it was the heat.  We still had lots of fun though.

Munchkinhead and I were never on the same team, and we didn’t even play in the same game until the end.  For most of the afternoon, there were enough players to have 2 games going at once, six players per team.  The winners of the first set of games played each other and the losers played each other.  After that, enough people had to leave that we switched to one game with seven players on each team. By the last game, we were playing with teams of 5, the smallest number that works.

Munchkinhead did well.  The Legend told me she got a few flag pulls.  And a bunch of us saw her break up a pass, which was awesome.  I started out doing not so well, but then got better as the day went on (and everyone else got tired).  I even got a touchdown!

Between yesterday’s nearly-11 miles of walking and today’s over-4 hours of football, we’re both sore and pooped, but happy.


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