Monday, May 20, 2013

Fun with Munchkinhead Day 7

Concert day!  Lots of music today.  My band concert was today.  I was super, duper excited about it because we sounded good, we IMG_0365were playing one of my favorite songs that I had picked out and a whole bunch of friends said they were going to come watch.  We did sound great, and that favorite song, "Nothing Else Matters,” sounded excellent.  Munchkinhead came to watch and took some pictures and even a short video.

We also went to the Community Woman’s Orchestra concert in the evening.  My band’s Artistic Director is one of the finalists for the Artistic Director position of the orchestra and she was conducting this concert.  The theme was dance music and the repertoire included orchestral versions of a number of pieces we’d played in band.  Several of the pieces have also been successfully used by products such that hearing them immediately made Munchkinhead and me start laughing and tossing out slogans.  Bounty, cheese, beef and spaghetti sauce were all covered.

P5191940Even the morning was music-filled with a rollicking service at church.  It was the first combined service for the two churches that will be merging, and it was Pentecost Sunday.  Much of the service was focused on working together, moving forwards, and building the new church as one.  The sermon had a slogan, “Flame On!” and although it did follow the theme of building a new, wonderful, out-reaching church, it sounded to me like something people might say to each other in the Castro the way people in the Mission say “stay brown.”

After Service, Munchkinhead found the playground.  And the kids found Munchinkhead.


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