Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fun with Munchkinhead Day 8

Today was so low key, we don’t even have any pictures.  Munchkinhead spent a good portion of the day packing.  In the afternoon, we went to see Gatsby at the Cerrito Cinema.  What better place to see Gatsby than in an art deco, speakeasy theater?

We sat on couches with a little table and ordered a pizza for dinner that was brought out during the film.  The film itself was quite good and full of lots of surprises, mostly in the soundtrack.  Both Munchkinhead and I had read The Great Gatsby in high school and found the movie to make far more sense than the book.  Though I will say, to the extent I remember, the movie seems to track the book pretty well.

Munchkinhead got to listen to a whole bunch of music again, including some pieces she heard at the orchestra concert yesterday.  I had band rehearsal for our next concert, which is in only a few weeks.  She sat in the back and worked on her knitting.  She was also very helpful, packing up the snacks after break-time.

We rounded out the evening with a game of dominos and one of our favorite films for quoting, Lost in Austen.  One peacock is probably sufficient.

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