Thursday, August 7, 2008

At Least it's Not the Bears

But, Favre, what the hell are you doing?! I'm sorry for the batty language Mommy, but this situation warrants cussing.

How could you? You changed your mind, we offered you a reasonable chance. I mean, we can't just let Rogers sit there and grow old. And you chose to retire. Retirement! Doesn't anyone learn anything from Jordan or Jay-Z? I don't mean to say you can't play anymore; I'm sure you still have a lot of oomf left. But leaving?! Don't they teach you anything about loyalty in the South?

It was said on an episode of Mathnet, slavery was outlawed 150 years ago, except in professional sports. How's it feel to have an owner? Does it even bother you? He called you a "product" for goodness sake! A product! And have fun sharing your stadium. At least it's named for a team and not some company, but then, it's not even your team's name!

You'll see soon, how good you had it. And you'll miss Lambeau. Nothing compares to the frozen tundra. And nobody, absolutely nobody can compare to Packers fans. We don't know the meaning of "fair-weather fan." No sir-ee Bob. Do the NY fans paint their houses and their cars, um, whatever NY's colors are? (See there, I don't even know the colors. Everyone knows Green Bay's colors.) Or get special little jersey's for their dogs? "Dress up" for Thanksgiving by donning every bit of team color they own? Wear cheese on their heads? Know any other pastors end church services early so people can get home in time for noon games? Where people plan funerals around games?

Well, as long as NY doesn't make it to the Superbowl, we won't have to worry about rooting against you. I'll console myself with that for now.

And now... a few pictures from Thanksgiving:

Wendy in snow The fan. You can't see it in this pic because of the Packer ear warmer, but she also has on cheesehead earrings.

Mommy and Auntie Gail with the Turkey

Tara and babies in basement

packer sisters

even the cheese


MaryRuth said...

OH IS such a sad day to be a Packer fan! There was so much bad behavior on both sides that I am embarassed to be a Packer fan. One of the things I like most about the Packers and their fans is the lack of drama. Leave that shite to the Raiders, Cowboys, T.O., Moss, et al. But now the Pack has fallen to those low-class actions.
I brought my camera to work today, to film the dismantling of the "Favre shrine" in my cube. Even the Bear's fan at the gym (who usually snubs me) said.."Jets, huh?"
Love those photos! You made me homesick! Especially the "cheese and sausage" platter!! No one here does that except me. I even have a little Packer cutting board.

Wendy (the fan) said...

You forgot to mention the yellow socks, Packer bracelets (one green, one yellow), and Packer watch that can't be seen in the picture either. (I also probably had my Packer hair scrunchie that mommy made around my wrist somewhere.) NY colors are green and white, so all those so called 'Packer fans' who think they need to cheer for the Jets now because that is where Favre is now, only have to change one color. I am a Packer fan, first and foremost, and have been on the side of the team throughout this whole ordeal. Think about it as a relationship, your boyfriend/girlfriend, whatever, has talked about leaving you in the past, but had always decided to stick around. Then he (gender neutral) decides that he had enough and is leaving. After you have moved on and made a public commitment to someone new, the old one, who has strung you along in the past, wants back. No, Aaron Rodgers is my quarterback. I'm tempted not to go to the Packer bar for games this year because I don't want to deal with people who wont give Rodgers a chance because they wanted Favre back. I will remember Favre as a Packer player, and although Lambeau Field will take the coveted place on top of the TV, Favre's picture will be see be prominently displayed on the bookshelf, and the signed autographed football will also be prominently displayed somewhere (need to get the rest of my furniture to figure that out), with my Title Town towel right next to it.
P.S. The shirt mommy is wearing in the pictures is also mine. And the vampire washer in my new place ate my Packer sweater so there are now two huge holes in it that I can't fix where it isn't completely obvious that there were huge holes there. :@

Mom-me said...

Or Lions or Vikings oh my! I agree - the Pack has lost it's halo - not Favre, but the aura surrounding it with all of this hullabaloo. I stopped listening to it - dad even turns off the tv when the 'news' is all about it. I'll still root for the Pack of course, and will be saddened that Favre is playing (maybe) somewhere else, but I won't follow the Jets, that's for sure! I didn't realize that the flowers were even Packer colors!

dtrizzle said...

Go Cal! (Aaron Rodgers)