Monday, August 18, 2008

The Life of a Player

No, no, not that kind. The good kind.

Katrina and I had so much fun at home. We helped Mommy with the laundry, watched the real Olympics, and had our own backyard Olympics!

While Nastia Lukin was winning the gold in the gymnasticDSCI0382 all-around competition, Katrina was claiming golds of her own on the monkey bars. We both traded back in forth with first and second place in the monkey bar endurance trials, different swing styles. When we were younger, this event would have been a monkey bar race. Now it's just a competition to see who can get further across the monkey bars before falling off!

We also did a flip competition on the monkey bars. Katrina ran me stuck on monkey bars cropped away with the gold, being the only competitor to do a decent flip and land on her feet. Daddy Bunny took silver. He had a good flip but landed sitting down. I got stuck on top of the monkey bars. Dangling off the edge with only my stomach supporting my weight, Katrina kept making me laugh. My shirt slid up and my bare skin stuck to the metal bar. I couldn't slide in either direction. I just hung there in pain, trying not to laugh. Finally, I pushed myself up and backwards, tumbled to the ground arms flailing, and laid there in a heap. This got me last place, a bronze medal.

I took badminton. We only played two sets in the match, because I won both. To be fair though, the games were close. Our Badmintonbadminton games were a little odd. One side of the court was smaller than the other, but it had a large tree in it. We figured this evened out the advantages/disadvantages. The bigger side had some bushes cutting into it and a table with our cheese and chips on it. All the rackets are a bit cock-eyed, and the birdie looked like it had been turned inside out a few times. But, we still had lots of fun playing!

We had an indoor sport too: the flying-monkey-put. Katrina got this great flying monkey as a good-luck gift at AYOP. What better thing to do with an elastic, howling, sling-shot monkey, than see who can sling it furthest across the dining room?

Mommy tried this sport with us, but she didn't do very well. I think I had a distinct advantage on the other competitors, having the longest arms. I could pull the monkey back further, and with our feet at the starting line, I could reach out more in front of me to give the monkey a better starting position.

flip comp medal ceremony cropped

And of course, every Olympics needs medal ceremonies! Here's a picture of the ceremony from the flip competition. As you can see, I am on the lowest "step".

Aside from the Olympics, Katrina and I also washed my car. The whole family went out to dinner. I visited Daddy at the office and Mommy at the bank with Katrina. I signed my will and gave Mommy all the information she needed to handle my accounts. Very productive day and a half.

Overall, it was a great visit home, and Katrina and I had tons of fun just hanging around.



Anonymous said...

You Found the monkeys!!!!!
and you forgot to add in that daddy bunny was hanging around with us aswell.

MaryRuth said...

How cute--you guys are having way too much fun!