Saturday, August 23, 2008

Flat 007

It's a shame, most of these entries are going to have to be posted at the same time.  Ah, but such is the life without constant internet access.  I will do my best to date things appropriately, so that my readers may easily follow what is happening.  I apologize for the sporadic-ness of my updates.

I have been here a few days now, but feel I have seen too little to form any opinions on anything of substance.  Mostly, Ive just been at the flat with one of the girls with whom I'm staying.  It's a nice place, with a large parlor, 2 bedrooms, a little dining area, kitchen and bathroom.  The front flat 007two rooms, living room and the bedroom I'm using, have higher floors than the rest of the house.  Every room but the kitchen and bathroom has a ceiling fan, and the bedrooms have air conditioners.  There's a closed in porch out front they call the corridor.  My laundry is hanging out there now, because it is raining.  (Though I fail to see how anything can ever dry in this humidity.)

floor plan

The girls are both very nice.  They work here in Abuja. One of them works for a company developing bio-diesels.  Her job entails a lot of traveling around Nigeria, and possibly overseas.

As I spend more time in Nigeria, I hope to have more interesting things to write about.  Beware, future posts might be quite long - though this will be nothing unfamiliar to those who received letters from me while I was in Zambia or Italy.   Enjoy!


jess said...

love you and miss you.

do you have an address there?

goldenrail said...

c/o Nigerian Copyright Commission
P.M.B. 406 Garki
Abuja, Nigeria