Monday, August 4, 2008

If I Could Build My World

If I could build the perfect place, drawing from the different places I've lived (or visited), it would look like this:

The weather of Wisconsin, but on the season time-line of Nashville. I love snow, and summer's twice as nice when you look forward to it. The air conditioning use of the Bay or Zambia. (i.e. none.) Milwaukee's rainfall amount, but with the pounding wonderful thunderstorms like Nashville and Monze. Lake Michigan near by. Vanderbilt's trees and gangsta squirrels.

Big stores close by, not only in the ghetto, with plenty of parking, like the Midwest or South. And, with whole aisles just for cheese, like in Wisconsin. Restaurant diversity of Milwaukee with a Bay Area amount of vegetarian food. Really good State, i.e. cheap, schools from California, including the amazing community college program they have.

Southern or Zambian religion and faith, the kind you don't have to hide. Zambia's welcome-ness. The Green Bay Packers and all the wonderful fans. People who know how to play Sheepshead and how to polka. (They'd come from Wisconsin.) Zambia's television channels. Milwaukee's amount of bowling alleys, with Nashville's prices and no smoking rules. Zambia's nightclubs. They never close and people are always dancing.

The public transportation system of the Bay, with the frequency of Lusaka. Streets the size of Cudahy's. The ability to walk anywhere (like Zambia or the Bay) but not the need to; ample parking like Cudahy. People that walk as fast as in New York. Etiquette and fashion of the South. Hairstyles of the North. (I hate only being able to see one eye when I'm talking to someone. Unless, of course, they only have one, like Mazoka.)

The average height of Milwaukee, but the average width of the Bay. And the diversity that would result if you mixed all these people together (after stretching them or squishing them to fit the height and width requirements).


MaryRuth said...

Oh what a fun post! I agree 100% on the polka thing! The world in general needs more polka music. My iPod is probably 75% polkas, I work out to them.
Here's what I came up with for my "perfect world":
The climate of the SoCal Beach Cities for most of the time. Add a couple of Midwestern thunderstorms each summer. A little more rain in the winter and more foggy nights for sitting by the fireplace.
The size of Milwaukee, in both population and geographical size, and the corresponding ease of getting from point A to point B.
Quirky neighborhoods with cool restaurants and bars, like SilverLake, SantaMonica and EchoPark. But with less crazy people than those places. Eccentric=OK, Insane=not OK.
A thriving music scene like Austin with no posers. And have the shows start early!
I would like to be closer to the water...a few blocks, and the water should be warm and clean like Maui, with a nice reef so I can go look at the fish.
Most of all, I would like all of the people that I love to be here with me--then the world would really be perfect.

goldenrail said...

MR, your world sounds pretty cool, too!