Monday, August 25, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It has been raining all weekend, and I am bored out of my mind.  I read some legal articles.  I read some of Pride and Prejudice.  I wrote about church.  I ate.  I napped.  And I'm bored. 

It reminds me of when it would rain in Zambia.  How bored I would be!  (When I wasn't running around putting buckets under the leaks in the roof.)  The clouds made it too dark to sew, and the sun made it too light for candles to do any good.  Reading was hard, but possible.  The Bamaama's would stay in the kitchen hut, and the children would play in their hut.  For awhile I'd watch the rain drip off the ends of the thatch, plop into a big muddy puddle below, and run down the hill towards the river that only flowed when it rained.  Here, there isn't even that pleasure.

I started to think, what do I do in the States when it rains.  Then I realized, I am always too busy to be bored by rain.  Too much to do for it to matter that it's raining.  The only time I have such leisure is when I'm home with my family.  And were Katrina and I to be stuck at home in the rain, I am sure the whole house would be turned into a maze of forts and castles.  There'd be monsters in the living room, or trampoline's upstairs.  Mommy would come home and be mad at the mess we made, but unable to hide her amusement at our ability to have fun.

But here, there is no one to play with.  Kevwe just watches Sex and the City non-stop.  And I am left to my own amusements.  Well, soon enough I'll have plenty to do!

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