Monday, August 11, 2008

How Not to Spend $3

soulja-boy So a few weeks ago I bought the Soulja Boy Tellem album. Before you stop being my friend, consider my thought process. It was something like this:

Wow! This cd is only three dollars! I like "Crank That" cuz I think "superman dat hoe" is hilarious. And it's produced by Mr. Collipark; I like him.

As you can see, my excitement over this $3 cd made me a little careless in my thinking process. I should have followed my thoughts with:

Why is this fairly recent platinum selling cd only $3? Maybe too many people bought it and hated it. Why do I think I like Mr. Collipark? Oh wait, it was because I liked Ms. New Booty. I bought the Bubba Sparxxx album because of that, and it was crap.

Had I thought about these things, I probably would not have wasted my three dollars. Instead, I bought the album, took it home, and attempted to listen to it. I couldn't even make it through the whole album! This is by far the worst cd I have ever bought, and that's saying a lot. The first cd I ever purchased was "The Village People's Greatest Hits." I have the entire Spice Girl catalog, including "Forever," done after Ginger left. Listening to one track off Soulja Boy Tellem is more torture than listening to my entire circus wagon plays marching music cd. Yes, it really is that bad. Wesley Willis is better than this guy!

Buying this album taught me one very important thing: Ice T is right.

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MaryRuth said...

Thanks for circus wagon link! They're trying to bring back the Circus Parade in Milw. next year.
Sorry about your bum CD, sux to get a bad one.