Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another Long Day

Today's driving took longer than desired, and losing an hour didn't help. A few turn-arounds and a bit of confusing directions, but at least there weren't anymore drug searches. Two days of grueling driving - definitely worth it. I arrived at Katie's house in Eastern Iowa at 8:30 at night. Tired, but ecstatic to see her again. It's been about a year. Nothing like your childhood best friend to put a smile on your face. (Although I might have smiled harder when she arrived in Zambia with my Mommy and Grandma.)

We had a great dinner, watched the olympics, and did plenty of catching up. She's all grown up now. Has a great job, owns a house (her second) and a car, has her own doggy, and two nieces! It's amazing. Someday, maybe I'll be grown up, too.

Arriving in Iowa after spending several months in California, I felt like I was coming to America after visiting a foreign country. Everything was different and familiar. The houses had green grass and big yards; the streets were wide with ample parking. Driveways were visible and wide enough for two or three cars. There was a Walmart nearby and the local grocery store had aisles large enough to fit two shopping carts next to each other. I couldn't tell you the last time I saw a Prius, but I'd guess it was before I hit Utah. Finally, somewhere I belong. And soon.... home.

day 2

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Katie said...

Good thing I had the lawn mowed! =)