Monday, December 8, 2008

The Move

We spent most of Saturday packing up the house, washing and ironing curtains, and maneuvering around stacks of boxes.  The movers left around 4, while Auntie was out.  She was not pleased when she returned home and found they had left without finishing.  Then the guys removing the air conditioners asked for some money or something.  Auntie, who always sounds like she's yelling whenever she talks, and Dr. Y, who has a short fuse, gave the air conditioning guys a piece of their mind.

I packed up most of my room, tried to help keep the girls out of the movers way and helped the maid iron the curtains.  Luckily, the door to the study (where the wireless router is kept) is blocked by a big pile of boxes.  That gives me a chance to schedule-post some pictures of our move!

air conditioners outside

outdoor parts of air conditioners gathered together


back porch

the back porch


front hall front hall

ironing curtains Maid ironing curtains

girl's bedroom  

the girl's bedroom


kitchen half packed 1



living room packed 2

living room


pantry pantry

sitting room

upstairs sitting room



study (see the internet in the upper right-hand corner?)


munckinhead said...

wow, thats alot of suit cases

Jeannie said...

Finally - pictures of where you stayed, now that you won't be there anymore. ;)

RandomlySane said...

Wow...definitely had a lot going on!!