Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Our Snowman

What do you do when someone can't make it to Christmas Eve? Why, build them out of snow, of course!

Mommys 3 girlsLast year, it was Wendy.

This year, a good friend of mine wanted to come, but he had to work. (He also has like 8 families in Cali that he has to divide the holidays with, but I'll blame it on work and pretend he would be here if it weren't for that, because then I feel more special.)

Here I am, making the base. It took two of us to role it into place by the end.

rolling the base

Alfred, Munchkinhead and Nathy-Boo starting to sculpt. It took all four of us to get the middle up there and the two tallest of us to put the head on.

starting to sculpt

Alfred working on the laptop bag.

making the laptop bag

Munchkinhead sculpting the arm.

scultping an arm

TaDa! Nathy-Boo and the finished Snow-Trizzle.

nathan and dorian

Looking up at hand and bling. :)

hand and bling

The sculptors and our creation.

katrina nathan dorian me and wendy

The original Mr. Trizzle. dorian cropped

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