Thursday, December 4, 2008

One Pill

mefloquine bottle cropped and edited One pill left in my Mefloquine bottle.  You know what that means?  It means I need to refill my prescription as soon as I get home.  I have to take the pills for four more weeks after I get back.  Want to make sure all those lil' evil parasites in my blood stream die before they get me!  They can't take me out before I get back to school; I'm took excited about next semester's classes!

One pill in the bottle also means I'll be home soon.  Less than two weeks!  (More excitement, more exclamation points!)  I'm ready for snow and cheese and - Mommy, did St. Nick bring popcorn balls?  I really want a popcorn ball - and all the milk I can drink!

One pill - anticipation...

You thought I was going to say "makes you larger" didn't you?  But I'm not Daddy, and this is not the breakfast table.  Daddy, when I get home, when we're all home, will you sing the family theme song for us? Pretty please, with sugar on top, and a cherry?


Jeannie said...

St Nick doesn't come until Dec. 5, I don't know if he's bringing popcorn balls. Am I a mind-reder? ;)

MaryRuth said...

You better have your mom call the pharmacy beforehand....malaria medicine might not be a big seller in MKE.
Had I known about the popcorn balls, I would have sent you some of the ones I made at Halloween. (well a pic, at least)

goldenrail said...

Mommy: you could be psychic, or something that slant rhymes with it ;)

MR: surprisingly, I've never had trouble getting malaria medicine state-side. My original prescriptions were filled in Berkeley and Nashville with same-day service.
Send some popcorn ball pics next year! Or the recipe for my mommy to make them :)