Friday, December 5, 2008

Every Time a Bell Rings, One of My Shoes Gets Its Wings

Well, it finally happened; my favorite pair of walking shoes broke-broke.  (More than just the insole coming off.)broken walking shoe

I noticed it just before leaving for work Tuesday, but wore them anyway.  I didn't really have any other options, and they still stayed on, just had two little straps flapping in the breeze.  I took cabs to and from work, instead of walking.

I managed to fix them that night.  This shoe repair adventure went much better than my last attempt at playing cobbler in Africa.  This time, the only stitches went in the shoe, not in me.  And, the shoe's fixed.  Not the greatest job, but I did what I could with a regular little (and cheap) sewing kit.  It should hold at least 'til I get back.

Whew! Disaster avoided.  I don't think I could spend two weeks in flat shoes!

the pair of shoes The pair of them.

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jess said...

thank goodness!! :)