Sunday, December 7, 2008

'Tis the Season to be Jolly

I saw my first Christmas lights of the season this past week at work.  There are several banks located inside the Federal Secretariat, and one of them had hung garland and lights outside its door and window.  It nearly made me cry.  It really is Christmas time!  Another bank had put a Christmas tree in front of its door, complete with ornaments and lights.  It was very pretty.

I really do love Christmas time, even though Christmas is only my fifth favorite holiday.  There are so many Christmas things to do at home that I can hardly wait to get there.  I have to attempt to hide the sandwich cookies that Mommy better make, so that no one else can eat them.  I said attempt, because it will not work.  Mommy will catch me and make me put them back.  But, I have to try, all the same.

Katrina and I are already conspiring about where to hide the plastic Abominable Snowman, and Wendy's already trying to guess where it'll be so she can get it and put it back where it belongs.  (Where does it belong?)

The plastic canvas snowman and snowlady have to take the plastic canvas choo choo from their plastic canvas gingerbread house to the stable to see baby Jesus.

A few various Santa Clauses, elves, and little musicians need to form a train behind the three wise-men, on their way to visit baby Jesus.

We have to turn on all of Mommy's sound and motion activated fiber optic toys, dancing reindeer and singing what-nots at the same time and then wait for Daddy to enter the room.

I'll hang my pretty silver ballerina ornament on the tree by a blue light.  (Or move it, if Mommy already has the tree decorated before I get home.)

Katrina and I must whine about how the Christmas tree is fake and it's no fun that the tree doesn't rain.  Hopefully Mommy will have that Christmas-tree scented room spray again, so it'll at least smell like Christmas.

Wendy, Katrina and Nathan and I have to build a snowman, if there's snow.  It won't have to look like Wendy this year, because she'll be home!  We also need to go to the Museum and see the Streets of Old Milwaukee and the European Village all decorated for Christmas.  I love the upside-down Christmas tree in the Polish house!

I have to drink off-white egg nog and eat red cake.  And make my Christmas dress!  (Unless I decide to wear my new natives; they're green.)

We have to spend the whole day, every day, listening to wonderful Christmas music!  "And a beer... in a tree."  Mommy has to watch White Christmas with us.

Daddy Bunny will help me open my presents on Christmas morning.

But most important of all, we get to spend time together, the whole family.  The big, big group on Christmas Eve, and the little group on Christmas Day (and the surrounding weekends).  I love Christmas; I love spending time with my family.


MaryRuth said...

Awww, you brought a tear to my eye! What a sweet post.
Here at Fartwood Manor, we have already ticked off a few of our Xmas traditions: the outside lights were up last weekend, the police dept. Santa float already passed by, yesterday we went shopping at South Coast Plaza (sort of like going to Chicago to shop), and today during the Packer game, I will decorate the front room. Next weekend we'll buy and decorate the tree.

Wendy said...

I don't think Abominable has a actual place it belongs. Just as long as it is out of the way. Also, I complain about fake Christmas trees too. In fact just last I night I Hobbs and I were complaining to each other that our respective parents have decided to go with fake trees. He says that the first time he stays put for Christmas he's getting a real tree. I, on the other hand, will argue with Nathan, and end up getting a fake tree because there is no way I can put up a real tree by myself. :(
And I vote yes on going to museum :D (are the decorations still up after Christmas?)

Jeannie said...

1 - if you want the sandwich cookies, you can make them when you get home.
2 -I'm waiting for Katrina and you to get home to decorate the tree, although it is up (and, yes, I have the scented spray)- I did the rest of the house and daddy did the lights outside...
3 - Abominable stays where he is put, and I'm not saying where that is - you'll find him, I'm sure.
4 - Wendy - Musuem is still decorated after Christmas, and it's open on the weekend after Christmas
5 - plastic canvas decorations are in the basement this year, so it will be a trip to the manger
6 - not enough batteries for all of the animated things this year, most are working - Santa face and carousel aren't - plus there are two more brand new fiber optic scenes :D (which is why plastic canvas things are in the basement this year - decorating it, not hidden)
7 - we'll make the red cake for Christmas Eve (maybe we should color the frosting green!)