Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Anything I Want?!

I've been missing for a few days - big assignment, report and presentation tomorrow, so I've been busy working.  Most of my readers probably already know this because I've been calling them for assistance, accents, translations, native animals of different countries, all sorts of odd questions.

My assignment is to do an 8-10 page report and then a 20-30 minute presentation about a World Trade Organization (WTO) case involving intellectual property (IP).  The case I was assigned is about a violation of Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property (TRIPs) which is part of the treaty that turned the General Agreement of Tariffs and Trade (GATT) into the WTO.  It's an annex, actually, just sort of stuck on the end, but boy is it a big deal. 

Basically, it takes all these old IP treaties and suddenly makes them enforceable by putting the cases before the WTO dispute settlement body (DSB).  Previously, if a country violated part of an IP treaty to which they were a part, the other countries got mad and that was about it.  Now, countries can force each other to trade IP rights for things like banana tariffs or special treatment of shirts.

So anyway, I had to do this report (presentation tomorrow).  I emailed the professor with this question:

For our 8-10 page summary that gets handed in (and then out?) before the presentation, should it be in a sort of paper format, or can it include outline, charts, slides, etc?

This was his response:

Anything you want.

In the words of Munchkinhead, "oooooh, that could be dangerous!"  Exactly ;)

Here's a sample of my report, one of my favorite "passages":

Frame 16 Frame 17 Frame 18 Frame 19 Frame 20


Jeannie said...

Oh dear - Katrina was right. I love the chair being turned over in the last (2nd last?) scene. I'm afraid to ask - was that their dinner on the table?

munckinhead said...

hehehe, love it!
what is that clown dude from? at firs ti thought he might be from ICP but he doesn't really look like any of the ones i can think of.

goldenrail said...

Mommy: Yes, that's their dinner. See how in one of the later scenes part of it's been eaten? There's another scene that comes after these where the dog is eating the leftovers on the floor.

Munchkinhead: That's a homie doll, not an ICP clown, but easily confused, esp. when so small.

munckinhead said...

ohhh ok.
i noticed that the cow was missing some i was wondering y, but dinner did not cross my mind.

Jeannie said...

You CUT the cow???!!!!

goldenrail said...

No, I did not cut the cow. Ruin my Mertz cheese eraser I earned for selling pizzas in 1st grade?!
I took the same shot with the cow on the table and with it off. Then I cut pieces from the cow-less pic and pasted them into the cow pic to make it look like the cow'd been eaten.

Jeannie said...

OH! you are so clever!

munckinhead said...

i thought you just colored over the area like in paint or something

goldenrail said...

nope. I added some darker green around the edges, but that was just to smooth it out a bit and make it look like the inside of the meat