Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ok, Make that 5

I made an executive decision at the last minute and threw a fifth pair of shoes into my carryon.  It was actually a practicality decision, not a fashion one.  I realized I will probably have a few days where I'll be doing quite a bit of walking and my "classic standard" shoes aren't great for walking all over; the lifts wear down really quickly.  (I should know, that's my second pair of those in less than a year.)  They're also a bit difficult because of the very steep incline to the shoe, no platform in the font.  The last thing I need to do is fall down the steps in BART again.  So, I grabbed a pair of much more comfortable and easier-to-walk-in shoes that will go with the same outfits as the classic standards.  That way, if I know I'm going to be walking, I can wear my saddle shoes, and if I know we'll be staying in one place or mostly driving, I can wear the classic standards.


saddle shoes

(P.S. arrived safely in El Cerrito.)


munckinhead said...

i love how those are your more comfortable shoes.

goldenrail said...

They are super comfy! Almost as comfortable as my new favs.