Sunday, February 8, 2009

Walking in Memphis

Another great weekend!  Yesterday I drove out to Memphis to see the Great Ecclestone.  No performance this time; he was there for mega-mini auditions.  I think he gets less time than they give people on American Idol.  But these auditions are super important and give him a lot of work.

We went out for dinner and then did the famous Beale Street.  It reminded me a bit of The Strip in the Dells.  I liked it a lot.  Just a couple blocks of random shops and various eating and drinking establishments with live music and windows selling beer to passer-bys on the street.  The weather was gorgeous, so it was a good night for just walking (and later driving, on accident) around the city.

I also got a lot of homework done on the trip, nearly all my readings for the week.  Now, before you get your undies in a bunch, I wasn't holding my homework on the steering wheel to read while driving or anything like that.  Stephen Hawking's twin was reading to me.  I love Adobe's read-out-loud feature!  Just plugged in my laptop to my cigarette lighter and the tape adapter into the laptop's headphone's jack.  Perfect :)

Friday night was also great fun.  First, there was moot court competition at school.  I went to root for one of my friends.  Her team won!  Yay, BLSA members win moot court two years in a row. :)

After the competition, I headed out of town a bit to play games with some friends I haven't gotten to see much for awhile.  That was great fun.  One friend was in from DC with her family, so I  finally got to meet her adorable 1 year old.  My other friends killed me at Whoonu - they tied 19 points above me.  But, that makes sense; after all, they're engaged.  (Yes, to each other.)

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Jeannie said...

ahh - that explains your absence on Twitter this weekend. Good luck to the Great Ecclestone - hope he gets lots of good jobs out of the auditions!