Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More Stories from the Weekend

As I mentioned in my last post, Mr. Trizzle and I had a lot of fun this weekend.  Chinese food, Vietnamese food, and lots of bacon (veggie bacon for me!).


I made my homemade Hot and Sour soup for Mr. Trizzle.  He tried to be nice.  First he said he probably would have liked it better if he hadn't been told the words "hot and sour."  Ok, he likes it but it doesn't taste like hot and sour soup.  Then he says, "it's soup and it's edible," and "hey, I ate everything out of the middle of it."  So now it comes out he doesn't really like it, but it's ok.  Then later he says I shouldn't give it to my friends unless I don't want them to be my friends any more.  So really, not only does he not like it, he thinks it's horrible and inedible!  Fine!  I like it; more for me then. :P  His next words of encouragement: "you're good at cooking bacon."  Oh great, one thing, and I don't even eat it!


Wednesday was Mr. Trizzle's birthday, so I gave him his birthday  presents this past weekend.  Except for the one I had sent to his office to help brighten it up a bit.  To which his initial response was "who the (vampire) sent me a tree?!"  He also got his Nigerian present since this was the first time I'd seen him since I got back.

I think he liked his presents, even if not enough to take home with him.  (He only does carry-ons, so I'm bringing some of the presents with me on Friday when I go to Cali.)  The Nigerian outfit is rather large, and I'm pretty sure he has no idea what to do with it.  I need to at least get him in it so I can take a picture.

He left one of his birthday presents, too.  The other one was just an it's-coming-in-the-mail printout, so he at least took that sheet of paper.  Since Mr. Trizzle is now an adult with a real job and all that stuff, I got him something every adult should have: stock.  image(Mr. Tough Money Love would be proud.)  Mr. Trizzle loves Apple and is always raving about how well the company (and thus its stock) is doing.  I didn't realize when I ordered it that it takes 6-8 weeks to send the stock certificate, so he got a printout.  I just got a notice from FedEx that it is on it's way and should arrive sometime before 4:30 Friday.  It left San Francisco on Tuesday for Oakland and left Oakland today.  Too bad I DSCI0842couldn't have just had Mr. Trizzle pick it up in person!

His other birthday present was an autographed copy of Remix.  (Thank you Creative Commons!)  He claimed he couldn't fit the book in his laptop bag or his suitcase, so I'll be bringing this one on Friday too.


pita and dad cropped Mr. Trizzle and I spent Monday evening with Pita and Pita's parents.  I adore Pita's parents and love getting to spend time with them.  Pita is adorable, too.  And usually, very friendly.  She didn't like Mr. Trizzle too much though, he made her cry.  She was sitting on her mommy's lap; he walked over towards them, looked at Pita, paused, and went "blahh ahh ahh" while waving his arms wildly and making a face.  Pita looked at him, looked at her mom, and then started wailing.  Poor thing.  She warmed up to him a bit later and let him hand her Cheerios to throw on the floor.pita stuntin like her daddy


Jeannie said...

You should have had him wear is Nigerian clothes to the ball ;)
I felt sorry for you reading this, it seemed he didn't appreciate your gifts - but I'm sure that's not it at all...

goldenrail said...

Mommy: I don't think I would have gone with him if he wore the Nigerian clothes. It's a good thing the suit fit, because he didn't bring a back-up and would have been in the Nigerian outfit.

Don't feel sorry for me. He's not a "stuff" type of person. I knew he'd look at the Nigerian outfit like wtv?! which is why I checked with him before getting it. He wants to read the book (he's been talking about getting it for weeks) but hates carrying stuff on planes. And I think he just doesn't know what to do with stock. He said "what do I do as a stock holder, hold it?"
The soup however, he did not appreciate.