Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The World (or at least the Museum) is Our Playground!

Long-time readers of this blog, and people who know my family a little too well, know that we love a good trip to a museum, especially the museum.  One museum tradition of ours is to visit the museum, the Milwaukee Public Museum, during the Christmas holidays. 

Why goldenrail, don’t you get board going to the same museum all happy piratesthe time; don’t you have all the exhibits memorized by now?  Never!  and, yes, sort of.  This year, Munchkinhead, her boyfriend and I visited the museum together.  There was a great traveling exhibit on Pirates.  Munchkinhead loves pirates, so we had to check that out.

When done arrrr-ing and checking out booty, we frolicked off to the rest of the museum for our usual antics.  We got to be lots of animals:


Deer! or antelope, or something like that…

me and katrina bears


sloth katrina

… a Sloth (I’m the sloth’s branch)…

sea bass

… Fish (I do a great sea bass impression)…

dinosaur gene and katrina

…even Dinosaurs…

howler monkey katrina

…and of course, the howler monkey.


We also had fun being a few inanimate objects and people.

totem pole katrina and gene

A Munchkinhead-Munchkinhead’s Boyfriend Totem Pole

pirate boy katrina

Munchkinhead makes a great 9-yr old pirate boy


And we couldn’t pass up our absolute favorite photo op exhibit in the museum!  We got this shot with a whole lot of combinations of people playing the different roles.  This year, Munchkinhead’s boyfriend got to catch Munchkinhead.

gene hunting katrina

2008 museum antics

2011 zoo antics


Jeannie said...

Goldenrail, I don't think you get board seeing the museum - but some might think you get bored. (you can edit your blog and delete my comment ;: )

Jeannie said...

It's nice to see that Munchkinhead's boyfriend took part in your shenanigans so gleefully!

munchkinhead said...

oh he wasn't all that gleeful about it tho he does look quite pleased being the hawk in that last one...

goldenrail said...

Mommy, we're totem poles, antelope and pirates; I see no reason why we can't be "board," too. (Besides, changing it isn't as easy as you think it should be.)

Munchkinhead, he may not have been *that* gleeful, but he was way more gleeful than Nathy-Boo!