Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I’m Melting, melt…ing. Cuz I’m a Snowlady!

We have this tradition in our family to make our snow people a little more special.  It’ll all began about 5 years ago when Alfred couldn’t come home for Christmas.  And then, the next year, we made Mr. Trizzle.  A few years later, we tried to make Snow Nathy-Boo, but it was raining and he didn’t turn out too well, or last very long.  This year, Alfred and I tried to make a Snow Stevie for our Uncle Stevie, but the snow wasn’t the right type; we couldn’t do anything bigger than a snowball.

Usually, we make our snow people at Christmas, to be whoever’s missing.  However, Milwaukee recently had a good snow storm and Pretty Little Munchkinhead  had enough of the right type of snow to make a snow person.  And you know who she made?  Me!

snow me 1

I love it.  Look, I’m knitting!  And, she gave me fabulous hoop earrings, which I almost always wear.  (Snow Me’s earrings are pipe cleaners Munchkinhead found in the basement.)  She has blue eyes, like me, though mine aren’t made of poker chips.  And she even has my monstrous thighs.  I don’t usually wear my hair down, so Snow Me must be getting ready for an extra special occasion.  I suppose standing in the front yard is extra special.

She’s so fabulous!  Thanks, Munchkinhead!


munchkinhead said...

haha you cant see a pony tail from the front. It snowed again, after the knitting needles melted out of your hands so now you cant see them or the yarn or your eyes. And you ahve big thighs cuz every snowperson has a big bottom to support the rest of the snow.

Jeannie said...

You won't start melting until possibly today or tomorrow. Then it will rain on you on Saturday - maybe munchkinhead should give you an umbrella! lol

munchkinhead said...

I think a brick wall would be easier to make.