Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mousies for the Whole Year

“The mouse isn’t moving,” Munchkinhead said to me over the phone as I was walking down the street a few weeks ago.  It was March and I just couldn’t figure out what she was doing with the mouse at that time of year.  I mean, the mouse only comes out for Christmas.  

Mommy unpacks him on the day after Thanksgiving and he sits in the “1” pocket until December starts, his little bow tie peeking over the edge of the pocket.  Every day he hops over a pocket, “2,” “3,” “4,” all the way to “24,” slowly counting down to Christmas.

Mousie is my favorite Advent countdown calendar.  Even better than the ones with the little doors and the chocolates inside.  Growing up, we would clamor for it to be our turn, “I wanna move the mousie!  I wanna move the mousie!”  When I come home for Christmas, Mommy and Munchkinhead save the mousie for me so I can move him.  He’s just adorable with his big round ears and cute little poofy nose.  What a great little mouse.

But as much as I love that mouse, I still couldn’t understand why Munchkinhead was playing with it in March.  Then I realized she was on her computer.


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