Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Rabbit for a Bunny

A guest post by Daddy Bunny

P4081753She is absolutely adorable, and she’s my new friend.  She has very long floppy ears, much longer than mine.  She has a round patch on her tummy, but you almost can’t see it because her fur is so thick.  And she has a scarf around her neck.  Her name is Ms. Rabbit.

My aunt from Belgium sent her to us in a box.  There was a note inside from my cousin, Mr. Moose.  He said they found her hopping around in the street.  She was cold and lost.  Poor Ms. Rabbit.  Mr. Moose took her home, but my aunt said they couldn’t keep her.  So, they sent her here to be my friend. 

My mom says she thinks my aunt made Ms. Rabbit, but that’s silly because rabbits are born, not made.

She is very nice, so far. Everyone’s nice when they’re new somewhere.  She brought me a scarf, too.  It’s yellow and green, like my clothes.  We’re about the same size, except for her really long ears, so we sit nicely together on the bed. 

I’ve been showing her around our home.  We snuck into the kitchen to get some jelly beans and we played hide and seek in my mom’s office.  There’s lots of places to hide in there because it’s not very neat.  I also showed Ms. Rabbit how much fun it is to jump on the big bed.  And we shared the magic carrot that Uncle Nathan gave me for Christmas a few years ago.  It’s magic because you can eat and eat and eat it and it never gets smaller or goes away.

I think I am going to have lots of fun with Ms. Rabbit around here.  She may even be able to teach me some Flemish!

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