Monday, April 1, 2013

Pink Polka-Dots

It was my favorite nightgown, long, warm, cozy; it was like being wrapped in Mommy’s love..  White flannel with pink polka dots, delicate pink ribbon trim.  I have so many fond memories of wearing that nightgown; Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, curled up on the couch watching tv, snuggling into my bed, getting toothpaste on the sleeve…  I’m glad Mommy made it so long because that meant as  I grew it still fit.  I always considered that very “Little House” of her.  When I did finally grow out of that nightgown, when polka dots were almost gone and the sleeves came only to my elbows and my shoulders couldn’t squeeze inside, I was very sad.  I loved that nightgown.

mommy's nightgown neckSo, when Mommy put “nightgown” on her Christmas list, I totally called dibs and immediately headed to JoAnn’s to look for some white flannel with pink polka dots.  The store had exactly what I was looking for, and some matching pink ribbon.

Mommy’s nightgown isn’t as long as mine was – she’s already tripping on her slippers, don’t need her tripping on the nightgown, too – and it has short sleeves.  It’s still cozy, though, like mine was.  And it’s very cute.  Well, I might be biased.

The pattern, being Simplicity, was pretty easy.  The lined yoke didn’t present any problems, which was good because I’ve done plenty of yokes where that wasn’t the case.  The rest of the nightgown is unlined, allowing it to be, I hope, the right combination of snuggly-warm and breezy-cool.  The pink ribbon I chose for the edging had it’s own decorative edging, which made it fairly easy to hide my stitches when sewing it down.  I hope Mommy’s gotten good use of it this winter.

mommy's nightgown front

Pattern: Simplicity 4048

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