Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Go Team Go!


I was so excited when Jenny started working at CC.  Finally, I had someone to talk football with!  And not just any football, real NFC North football.  You see Jenny’s a Bears fan, and out here in Cali, a Bear’s fan is the next-best-thing to a Packers fan. 

Jenny ought to be a Packers fan, really.  She’s from the UP, but at 4 years old, she felt sorry for the getting-their-bums-whooped underdogs and started rooting for the Bears.  And she stayed loyal.  But her husband and most of the rest of her family.  They’re Packers fans.

When Jenny found out she was expecting, she knew her family was going to smother her daughter in Packers gear.  An idea for the perfect present popped into my head.  I love knitting blankets; I could make a baby blanket for her new daughter.  And I could make it so both parents would approve.

It was my first foray into color-work.  I knitted as usual, just switching yarns when I wanted to switch colors.  The colors didn’t go together the way I expected; there were lacy holes along the diagonal lines.  After trying a few other techniques, I decided I liked the style this method created best.  For the middle joint, where the colors changed on the same stitch every row instead of on a diagonal, I alternated the color-switching between two stitches.

Originally, I tried doing orange and yellow yarn together in the middle so that one team didn’t seem to be preferred.  But it looked awful.  I removed the orange yarn and decided I’d even things out by choosing an orange blanket binding for the edges.  Baby blankets aren’t the same without a silky edge.

Since I knew the baby was going to be a girl, I put a little bunny rabbit appliqué on one side.  On the other, a football.  I was very excited with the blanket.  Jenny loved it, and I hope little Stacy is loving it, too.



Jeannie said...

That turned out very nice!

goldenrail said...

Thank you :)