Saturday, July 26, 2008

Government Action

I'm generally for state's rights. If the Constitution doesn't directly address the issue, then the states should be able to do with as they like. Abortion, marriage, speed limits, those sorts of things should be decided by the citizens of each state, not the federal government. However, there is one place where I think the federal government really needs to step in and regulate. We need standardization of milk colors!

I left work early today, not feeling well, and stopped at the store for some medicine on my way home. I decided to also pick up some milk and brown sugar so I could have cream of wheat when I got home. In a sort of dizzy, please just get me to bed, mood, I went to the milk coolers and grabbed a gallon with the familiar dark blue label and cap. It wasn't until I reached home that I realized the milk had a sort of yellowish tint to it. I looked at it closely, a bit concerned and then, with horror, realized where I'd seen something like that before. I looked at the pretty dark blue label, "Fat Free Milk." Fat free! I might as well have bought a gallon of water.

Now, if the federal government standardized the milk colors, this never would have happened. Part of the problem is, the milk out here has the exact same colors as the milk back home, they're just on different kinds of milk. I see red, I think whole milk. Dark blue, 2%. The light blue, pink, and any other color, I know I don't want, and that's enough. This putting fat free milk in a 2% milk color is just evil. Prevent others from suffering as I will for the next 3 days, write your senator! Demand milk color standardization!


Suse said...

Hallo hier schreibt Suse aus Deutschland, sehr gerührt über die schönen Erinnerungen die wir teilen...! Denke mir dass es Dir Spass machen wird herauszufinden was ich Dir hier schreibe und weiss Du wirst es herausfinden. Sei umarmt. Suse

Jeannie said...

Sorry - won't write my senator for that. Hope you're feeling better, though. Tell Suse to write en Englisch bitte! We didn't have her here for a year to forget how to use it, even if it was 10 years ago (my oh my!).

goldenrail said...

For those of us who do not speak German, a (very) rough translation of Suse's comment:
Hello, this is Suse from Germany writing. I am very excited about the beautiful memories between us. (like I said, this is VERY rough). I think it will be fun for you to find out what I write here and I know you will find out. Hugs. Suse.