Sunday, July 13, 2008

Half Full, Half Empty, or Twice as Big as It Needs to Be

In keeping with my recent topic of how different people have different perspectives (see How People See Others), I would like to offer for your comparison, two different discourses by two different people on the same topic. Feel free to read in either order.

First, my entry on a friend who missed his own birthday party. At the time of writing this, I had not yet learned that he had gone home to take a nap and just didn't wake up 'til about 10:30 the next morning. A Different Kind of Surprise Party.

Second, his entry on people's reactions. Thin Ice.

I am very interested to hear other people's take on the differences in perspective, so please leave a little indian below.

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TheLegend said...

It looks like no one is interested in this conversation but you and I. :(

goldenrail said...

@The Legend. You and me. And that's not quite true. I know a few people who simply prefer not to put their view on the internet at this time. They respect you too much. And my mommy already told me what she thinks. The post's only been up a day. Maybe someone else will comment.

Jeannie said...

I've been told I need to comment on this blog. I was trying to avoid it. But - here goes. After first reading goldenrail's I thought the birthday boy was rude and thoughtless to not show at his party, since I was informed that he had 'not shown' for other social engagements. I'm not quite sure, though, why there was only the birthday pie and cereal at the party, when the guest of honor was bringing only the alcohol - but that's not really the point in either blog, is it?
After reading thelegend's side of the story, I can see why he feels people shouldn't be angry - but he needs to go back to the 'boy who cried wolf' story. If this had been the first time he missed something, then I'm sure the people would have been very concerned, but since he had done it before, they felt he was being disrepectful, and may had indeed been setting them up for a cruel practical joke.