Friday, July 25, 2008

Raisins to the Rescue!

I have lost more pairs of stockings this summer than I can count. Whether from the velcro on my bag, a tough fall, or my pesky desk, runs and tears have claimed more of my lingerie than I care to admit.

Today, the desk claimed another pair. Our cubicle desks are designed with this nifty little pullout tray for the keyboards. Once it's pulled out, the user can raise the tray to a desired level, up to the height of the desk itself. When finished, the user tucks the tray back under the desk, out of sight and out of the way.

This tray is connected to its moving mechanism by a metal plate on its underside. This plate is held in place by six screws. Those screws are the bane of my existence. My legs do not fit under tables and desks as it is. The mechanism for the tray takes up valuable room. Instead of being banged up against the underside of the desk, they are banged up against this mechanism. One wrong move and the bottom of any of those six screws tears into my stockings like a lion into a fresh zebra. It's the end of the zebra and my stockings.

Today, I finally had it. I had to find a way to stop this insanity. Without shortening my legs, and without sitting sideways. Luckily, the last time I was home, my mommy gave me a bag of candy raisins. Six candy raisins to the rescue!

There are no longer any screws sticking out on the bottom of my tray. They are nicely covered in a soft pillowy bed of goo, firm on the outside, sticky on the inside. Hooray for no more ruined stockings. And hooray for Mommy!


Jeannie said...

Well, I much prefer to eat them, but if they save some stockings, I guess it's not too bad - but using 6 of them! Couldn't you have broke or cut them in half and used 3 instead? No wonder you had "Flying Toasters" running through your head - "candy raisons in the air? - guess not....

goldenrail said...

What came first, the chicken or the egg? The flying toaster song in my head, or the raisins to the rescue line? I'm not sure.

I had to use 6, they were the perfect size. If I had cut them, they would be gooey and too small. It's only 6! That's two days worth of not eating candy raisins.

MaryRuth said...

Oh my! I can sort of understand sacrificing a few candy raisins to save stockings (they can be expensive) but I am having a REALLY hard time getting my head around the fact that SIX raisins is a two day's supply! That is three per day. Are you a saint or something???! I have six per minute!
Anyways, good "MacGuyver" thinking and thanks for linking to my post. I'll put you in my links.
Did you see the post when I got the raisins in the mail?

goldenrail said...

MR: no saint, I just know I only have one bag, rather than 7 lbs. I always take one and close the drawer so that I forget they're there. I'm so busy at work that the trick actually works. I hadn't seen your post before, but now I have. So nice of you to share with everyone. Spread the love, save the candy raisins! Good strategy.