Friday, July 25, 2008

Stone Mountain Daughter

Yesterday I posted an entry about, as my mother put it, the customer disservice at the fabric store. However, the sales lady did become a little more helpful later. Her eventual helpfulness came in the form of taking the sample I had brought in and leaving it for the inventory person with a note about what I needed. Today, the inventory person called me back. Here is the entirety of her message:

Yes, Hi this is a message for ------. This is Ann at Stone Mountain Daughter in Berkeley, California, I'm sorry to say that the sample you gave me was part of a lot from Italy and we have no way of reordering it. They come in, and ... um... we buy them. But we can't reorder them. They're small cuts of miscellaneous leftovers from suiting factories, and we have no idea who the suiting factory is. So, I'm afraid ...there is no hope on this one. Thanks for your inquiry. Buh-bye.

No hope, huh? No way to know which suiting factory, huh? Well, I'm glad I'm smarter than Ann. I looked at the words woven into the salvage of fabric and stamped on the back. "SUPERFINE ALL WOOL IMPORTED FABRIC EXCLUSIVELY FOR GLADSON LIMITED A RELIANCE PRODUCT." Why what'd ya know! That looks like the name of the company that makes the fabric and the suiting factory that buys it! No idea who the suiting factory is, huh?

So I googled the words on the fabric and found the contact for gladson ltd. I sent an email explaining my situation with a jpg scan of the fabric. Today, I received a nice email from the place saying they could match the fabric, but couldn't see the scan well. They asked for me to send the fabric swatch and gave me their New Jersey address. (A lot from Italy, huh?) With any luck, I'll know in a few days if I can get anymore!

And Stone Mountain Daughter, they won't be seeing me anymore. There is no reason they couldn't have done what I did. I am so glad the new Jo-Ann opened in El Cerrito plaza. They'll be seeing lots of me.


Jeannie said...

I'm glad you were able to get help somewhere with your fabric - hopefully they'll be able to match it. If they do, where is it being sent, since you'll be in transit in the not too distant future?

goldenrail said...

no, i must have it before i leave!