Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Office Celebrity

No it's not me.

The secretary that I used to sit next to, Saundra, came over to chat. "Is that a celebrity?" she exclaimed, looking at the framed picture on my desk?

"No. I said laughing. That's my friend at our law school formal. He just graduated from Vanderbilt Law School. He's studying for the Bar now, and he's gonna be an Assistant District Attorney." My voice was filled with pride (cuz he was my date for the formal).

The secretary was shocked. "Wow. Tell him I'm proud of him." She doesn't even know him. She just assumed from the picture that this was an extra big accomplishment. "I thought he was a rapper or something. He looks like one of them rappers." She looked back at the picture, "Is he from Oakland?" That easy to tell, huh? Well, Oakland and El Cerito, and everywhere in between. She grew up in Richmond, so maybe she has an eye for these things. (The city names might not mean much to anyone not from the Bay Area, but just google one and you'll get a pretty good idea.)

The next week, one of her friends from the mailroom was upstairs visiting us. She stopped by my desk. "Is that Dennis Rodman?!" The secretary and I both started laughing. Before I even had a chance, Saundra was going on about him as if it were her son. "Oh no, he's taking the bar. He's gonna be a DA!" This also seemed to astound the lady from the mailroom.

Saundra couldn't believe her friend had mistaken the picture for Dennis Rodman. "Dennis Rodman is light skinned," she says, as if that's the only difference between them! I thought the absence of large piercing's or funky colored hair was a better giveaway.

But beyond all, my absolute favorite was the new secretary I sit by, Dianne. She was looking at the picture from the formal and asked, "who's that?" So I told her. Then she says, "is that him, too?" and points at my poster of Lil' Wayne!

Rap star or basketball player - I wonder what else people will come up with before the end of summer. It's amazing what a big pair of sunglasses can do to your image. (...and a fitted hat, and a nice suit, and giant earrings, and a grill...)

Barristers Ball for background 034

Me with the "Celebrity".



Birds Chirping


jess said...

i love that dress!

goldenrail said...

Thanks! And the best part is, it actually fits me pretty well now. Looks a lot better than when I tried wearing it in college. :)