Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Clerk Who Wore a Pot on His Head

Today Dr. Y sent the office clerk out to buy us some beverages.  She told him to go buy drinks, 6 plastic bottles of some citrus flavored soft drink called Farouves (I have no idea how to spell it and can't find it; she said it's French).  The clerk came back with 2 tins of peas!  2 tins of Farrows brand peas!

What were we gonna do at the office with canned peas!?  And how was Dr. Y supposed to open them?  With her teeth?!  "Oh, I'm so parched..."  "Here, have some peas"!?  "It's really hot out today, I wish I had some nice peas to cool me down"!

I felt so sorry for the clerk.  We ran into him on our way out of the building and he looked absolutely dejected.  The other guy in the office had made him go back and return the peas!  Returns aren't really the norm in Africa.  And I know of few places that allow returning food in general.  And this poor guy had to go back out in the hot sun and return these cans of peas.

I, however, have not been able to stop laughing all night.  Peas!

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Jeannie said...

Put the lettuce on the bushes? ;D