Monday, October 20, 2008

I Would Just Like to Take a Moment

... and say that it's about time something in the news made me smile.

If you want to smile, too, read.

And thanks Steve, for bringing this to my attention.


MaryRuth said...

Wasn't this the best!?!?! Obama looked so relaxed and cool.
I showed your "Catchy McCain" video to my BF. He loved it and marveled that kids half a world away know of the election, etc. and there are probably many kids here that have no clue.
For the next few days, he kept chanting..Catchy mccain, catchy mccain..... =)

goldenrail said...

Glad you guys enjoyed the video. I'm not sure how much kids here really know, and how much is just hearing their parents say names. I have heard children here telling others that Obama is the president of the US and others saying he's Nigerian. No such rumors about McCain though.