Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So You're the Man Behind the Curtain

My 10th week at the Nigerian Copyright Commission, and I finally met the DG!  The Director General is the big head honcho (called Oga here); he's like the Nigerian Marybeth Peters.  He runs everything.  A lot of the attorneys in the office get really nervous whenever they see him.  I think it's funny how people can be so intimidated by such a little man, but then, I guess some of the most intimidating people in history have been little.

image image  image 

It was great to finally get to meet him.  He's really nice and very smart.  In fact, he was offered a professorship at Marquette Law School, but he didn't take it.  Said he didn't think twice about refusing it, possibly because of the cold....

I wasn't expecting to get to meet him today.  Someone just called the office in the middle of the afternoon and said, "come to the DG's office."  I was so upset because I wore my least-best suit!  Ok, second least-best.  Still not what I would have worn had I known, but oh well.  Here is a pic of me with the DG, and then one with his driver and his body guard. (nice gun, right?)

me and DG 

DG's driver, me, DG's guard


Wendy said...

I don't if I would consider Papa Smurf intimidating.

Jeannie said...

Your the man? YOUR the man? Miss law student - where are your English grammar skills? Ms O'Brien would be rolling her eyes!!! :p