Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nasarawa State University Law School

Today Dr. Y took me to Nasarawa State University to visit the law school there.  Classes were supposed to resume this past Monday, but there were no students and only two professors around.  We're scheduled to go back in a couple of weeks to meet the Dean and some other professors, and sit in on a lecture.  We did still tour the school though and I was able to take pictures.  Fellow Vanderbilt students, take note!

The University is fairly new, only 5 years old.  The buildings are all painted a bright yellow. sign in front of school

law school faculty building


The parking lot is dirt and buttressed by a field of beans.  The parking spots are still marked though!

parking lot 


The professor that showed us around raved about the accommodations for lecturers.  They each have a toilet and an air conditioner!  He showed us a vacant office.  It had plush carpeting and rich wood furniture, although the walls were still the standard African painted cement.  Not all of the offices had carpeting either.faculty office


The building containing the faculty offices also held a small conference room and the moot court room.small conference room

moot court room

Moot Court room sign


The classroom blocks were adjacent to the faculty offices.  Arranged in a U-shape, the blocks surrounded a shady courtyard.classroom blocks

classroom block courtyard


The lecture halls in the classroom blocks were quite large and filled with wooden desks.lecture hall desks

lecture hall board


The students IT library contained one computer, presumably for the librarian, and a lot of large wooden desks crammed together in the small space.  The faculty library however, had a few more computers and shelves with books.

  IT Library sign

faculty law library


Grades from the last session were posted on the bulletin board out back.

grade board

grade board close


My favorite part was the statute of Blind Lady Justice in front of the building.  She looks like she traded faces with those guys from Easter Island.

blind lady justicecloser view of blind lady justice


We also had a bit of an adventure on the way there, but I'll save that for another post. ;)

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