Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another Trip to Africa

Hello all.  It's been a long time and a long trip since I last guest-posted in Cali.  But Mom says it's time to share my perspective again, and as every good child knows, when Mom says do something, do it.

So, I'm here in Nigeria with my mom and my cousin, Foo Foo.  Auntie Katrina had let Foo Foo visit me in Nashville, and Mom brought him along so I'd have company.  I'm really glad she did.  I never leave the room the three of us share.  In Zambia, I had a lot of company, CheerBear, Ba Alfred and Duck, not to mention the visitors and neighbors.  In Cali, it was just me and that was very lonely.

Here, there are only ever two visitors.  They never stay the night, and I'm not sure if I like their visits.  They're very cute little girls, but....  they like to tie ribbons on me and Foo Foo, especially on our ears.  Boys aren't supposed to wear ribbons.  They also make a big mess every time they come to visit.  Sometimes mom cleans it up as soon as they leave.  But other times, Foo Foo and I are left laying on the bed covered in barrettes, clips, and those darn ribbons!

One really nice thing about this place compared to any place I've ever gone with Mom before: she's here every night!  Every night she scoops me up and hugs me tight, Foo Foo in her other hand.  It's really nice to have her here all the time.  And to only have to share her with Foo Foo.  Nobody throws me on the floor or tries to take me away from Mom.  Our bed's really hard, not at all like our soft squishy beds back home, but at least it's big.  So big that Mom keeps books and speakers and a picture on it, too.  It sort of reminds me of a long time ago when Mom lived at school and there was also a limbo stick and two bouncy balls on our bed.  And that was a much smaller bed!

Even though I stay home all the time, I still have fun.  Mom makes the bed and tucks me and Foo Foo in before she leaves.  During the day, I play with Foo Foo.  In the evenings we listen to music with Mom.  And at bedtime, the computer reads us a bedtime story.  It's the same one every night, but it's a very good story.  I'm starting to have it memorized I think, "it is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a large fortune must be in want of a wife."

Traveling is always a bit rough on me; this time seems worse than usual.  I'm so dirty.  But I can't take a bath because I'm in dire need of surgery.  (I've asked Mom to help me put up a picture so you can see.  This is me and my cousin, Foo Foo.)

daddy bunny and fufu cropped  

Mom's apologized a lot; there's no skin scraps here for her to fix me.   The only thing she has is sort of bluey-green with gold sparkles on it.  I told her no thank you.  I'm a rabbit, not seafoam.  I'll wait 'til we get to Grandma's in December.  Grandma has drawers and closets and bins full of fresh skin.  I'll also be glad to be in Grandma's dry house.  It's so humid here; I'm always damp.  I feel like I never dry, even though I never bath.  And it'll be Christmas time then, when we get to Grandma's.  That means Auntie Katrina, Auntie Wendy, Uncle Nathan, Gibby, Timmy Bear, Grandma and Grandpa will all be there!  Mom will make me a Christmas hat, and maybe some shoes or a tie.  And I'll get to help Mom open her Christmas presents on Christmas morning, like I do every year. 

I'm a little worried about Mom.  Sometimes she wakes up in the middle of the night and grabs me.  I can feel her heart pounding when she holds me tight against her chest.  One night, I saw her just staring at Foo Foo, as if he was some monster that was going to attack her.  And she's been crying again, but she smiles while doing it.  This is strange.  She also talks to the computer a lot.  She puts on these big ear muffs and sits on the bed and talks to the computer.  Sometimes she picks me up and I wave to pictures on the screen.  I hope she's not going bonkers!


Jeannie said...

Daddy Bunny, I think your 'mom' is going bonkers - but not because she talks to the computer.....hee hee ;) (love you always, Aurelia. :*

Daddy Bunny said...

Hi Grandma! Thanks for leaving a comment on my guest post. Why do you think Mom's going bonkers?
Oh, when we come home for Christmas, can you make that yummy red cake? I know I'm a bunny and I should like carrot cake the best, but your red cake is so delicious! And Mom looks really funny when her face is all red after licking the bowl ;)