Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ah, Productivity

What a great weekend!  I got so much done, even with having a four hour class today.  So, aside from the 100+ pages of reading I had for today, and the 'nother 45 for tomorrow, here's what I did:

Hot and Sour Soup

Mr. Trizzle and I are sort of like Jack Spratt and his wife; we have almost completely opposite dietary restrictions.  I'm a vegetarian and a dairy fiend  (I'm from Wisconsin!).  He hates vegetables, is allergic to dairy and half the rest of the world, and pretty much only eats meat.  Great. :/  One of the few things we can both eat is Chinese food, which he loves, so that works out nicely.  I found a nice little recipe for vegetarian hot and sour soup and set off to make it figuring if it works, that's at least one dish we can both eat.  It took awhile since I had to start by making the "oriental stock" aka vegetable broth, but I think it turned out pretty well.

Hot and Sour soup (1) cropped I'll be eating hot and sour soup for quite awhile  - the recipe was a bit large.  [I was supposed to throw out the veggies from making the stock after draining the stock for the soup, but I couldn't waste all that food!  So I used some of it tonight for a yummy Chinese tofu stir-fry over rice.]

A Whole Pair of Pants

I finished Mr. Trizzle's suit pants! :)

back of mr trizzle's pants             front of mr trizzle's pants

They look a little funny on me cuz, well, they're not made for me.  Our measurements are similar, but not the same.  However, I can't put pants on my dummy because she's on a centered pole, so I had to use myself for taking the picture.  (NO smart-vampire comments Mommy!)  Not too bad, hey?  I also did a little side-project and took in a dress for a friend of mine :)

Next step: the jacket's sleeves... lots of hand sewing and interfacing...

Party Time

Last night BLSA had its first house party of the semester.  Yay!  I finally got to spend some time just hanging out with my friends.  And I got to meet two more 1Ls. (Slowly, slowly, I will meet them all.) 

bouncers at House party at Victoria's (3)Victoria had lots of yummy food.  It was a great night of hanging out, talking and having fun.  We played Partini, and everyone really liked it.  Thanks Mommy!


watching tv at House party at Victoria's (9)We also watched a movie called Norbit, much to some people's dissatisfaction.  It was ok.  The love story in it was cute, but the fat people jokes were really ridiculous.  I'm not much of a fan for slapstick humor or Eddie Murphy anyway though, so maybe I'm not the best person to ask about it.  It was nominated for an Academy Award... for make-up.


Very fun weekend :)


Jeannie said...

Was it the hot and sour soup what you needed to cook for 2 hours? Glad you had a prty you could use Partini at.

goldenrail said...

Not the soup itself, by the oriental stock base that I had to made first.
It's a fun game!