Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring Break Day #6: Productivity

Yesterday was a pretty low key day.  I spent most of the day recovering from the previous night and morning's nightmares and working on my paper.

When Mr. Trizzle came back from work, we headed into Berkeley.  He picked up his dry cleaning, (the suit I made looks really nice now that's been professionally pressed - that means I did a good job :) ), got his hair trimmed (I got a little nervous when a large disoriented guy stumbled into the shop with an almost empty open bottle of Absolut), and then we went to get some dinner.  Korean BBQ for Mr. Trizzle - i.e.  some rice and a big BIG pile of meat, Italian for me. :)

That's it, not very exciting, just nice and chill.


MaryRuth said...

OK..where do you manage to get Korean BBQ and Italian at the same place?

Your trip sounds awesome!

goldenrail said...

It's an area on Durant that's sort of like a mini outdoor food court. It's right near Berkeley's campus and filled with college students so the restaurants are pretty lenient about letting you bring in food from other places. I ordered my Italian to go and then met Mr. Trizzle inside the Korean BBQ place.