Wednesday, March 18, 2009

*SIGH* Law School

Hello folks.  You may have noticed my recent extended absence.  (With the exception of major excitement for my little sister!)  I've been busy being a law student.  It's really the first time all year I've felt like I was in law school.

I had this paper due.  I had worked on it over spring break, and awhile before that.  I thought it was due today, and had everything all planned out.  Then last week happened.  Thursday morning I found out it was due Friday evening.  Vampire!  I got an extension until Saturday morning, and, in two days, pumped out 25 pages (I had 4 Thurs. morning).

Saturday morning we had a bar prep writing workshop with this crazy super-hyper lady.  Woah, somebody give her a sedative!  She asked what bars people were taking and kept saying, "you'll kill it."  Until she got to Cali.  Then she says, "I feel sorry for you.  I'm even afraid of that one."  She's passed 3 state bars.  Whatever, every person that graduated from Vandy last year and took the Cali bar passed.  I'm not worried.  (not a lot anyway, not yet.)

After crazy lady, Mzzzz Jones and I had an assignment to work on: our Peeps for the Washington Post's Peep Show competition.  I'll post it after they announce the winners.  You'll have to wait 'til Easter!

Peeping over, we went to the campus step show.  For some vapmiring reason, the campus felt it necessary to have about 20 security guards and the actual Nashville PD at this thing (not just regular Vandy PD) plus metal detectors and bag searches.  To watch a show!  WTV?!  I was pissed.  So was Mzzzzz Jones.  But our friend's group, the Alphas, won! Congrats :)

Returned home about midnight Saturday.  6am Thurs - midnight Sat. = 6 hours sleep.

I've been recovering.

And preparing for today's presentation.  Some highlights (that I can share cuz they don't require animation)


image This slide was my "This is the world. This is the world on licensing" slide.  If you don't get it, one of us is too old.  [Music licensing is a mess, esp int'lly.]

Another fav part of mine was this email from Mr.Trizzle I used.  I redacted his name and then bleeped out the naughty words. :)

email from dorian about pandora w redacted and vampires


munckinhead said...

i got it! so you aren't old^>^

goldenrail said...

@munchkinhead: yay! Thank you :)

MaryRuth said...

there is a young guy at my health club that wears a Vanderbilt t-shirt...I always want to ask "Do you know GR? =)
Hang in there, it's all gonna pay off soon!
My niece is just graduating after 10 yrs of school.