Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Welcome to the Family

MWAHHHHAHHHAHHAA  - well, it would be an evil cackle, except he knows exactly what he's getting into.  And, he still did it.  He must really love her.

Congratulations Wendy and Nathy-Boo!

wendy and nathan by tree in museum

Nathy-Boo (finally) proposed to my beautiful little sister!  Happiness all around!   He did it in a really cute way, but it's not my story to tell, so I'm trying (and failing) to get Alfred to write a guest-post.  My favorite part of her phone call was when she was telling me about the ring, "it's got a big stone in the middle that's diamond or fake diamond or whatever; I don't care it's sparkly and I like it..."  If only Nathy-Boo had known earlier, he probably could have saved some money. ;)   And apologies for the picture - Nathy-Boo really doesn't like having his picture taken, so this was the best I could do.  Most of the rest look something like this: 

wendy trying to move nathan's hand

Anyway, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(and you know I'm already trying to think of the best wedding present)


Daddy Bunny said...

Yippie! Congratulations Auntie Wendy! I am so excited; I'm going to have a real uncle. I've never had an uncle before. And Timmy Bear will be so happy to finally have a daddy. :) Mommy's so happy, she can't even sleep. I wonder if Gibby and Auntie Katrina are as happy as us. And Grandma! She must be bouncing up and down like a bunny rabbit! ...bo.ing...bo.ing

jess said...

Hooray!!! Congrats Wendy!!!

Jeannie said...

Actually, DB, "grandma" :( tried to go back to sleep but it took awhile.