Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring Break Day 5: Take Your Lady to Work Day

Or so it was designated sometime around the middle of the day.

Today I was Atty Trizzle's shadow at work.  It was awesome!  I met a bunch of his coworkers and got to see some court action.   No trials today, but wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.

So, we went to the court room.  It was not what I was expecting.  The judge came in and the bailiff said "stay seated."  What?!  It was a scheduling thing I guess, but it looked like a zoo (and made me want to watch Night Court.)  Everyone talking at once, people in green and yellow jumpsuits coming in and out, attorneys up and down and in and out.  Yet, the judge was exceedingly efficient and got everything done in a fairly orderly fashion.  If someone wasn't there or wasn't ready, she moved on and came back to it later.

The Judge sent Atty Trizzle down the hall to his favorite judge's chambers to take care of a couple plea deals.  That was really neat because it was just him, the public defender, the defendant and regular court room ppl (reporter, bailiff, judge, etc.).  Then it was back to the zoo room for more scheduling.

Atty Trizzle was on trials, which means he had about four cases, any of which could be sent to trial today.  He wasn't expecting any of them to go, but the judge sent one: a DUI, .15bac w/ resisting arrest.  So we hopped back down to the courtroom with his favorite judge.  The judge didn't want the case to go to trial because it wasn't really worth it, so she encouraged Atty Trizzle and the public defender to work something out.  Atty Trizzle had to keep going back to his boss and the public defender had to keep talking to his client, so it took quite awhile for them to sort things out.

During one of the public defender's conferences with his client, Atty Trizzle and I took a break to visit the jury people waiting downstairs in case the trial went through.  Why?  Because Atty Trizzle's mom was in the jury pool today!  Pretty sure she would've been struck if the case had gone to trial. ;)  We said "hi," chatted for a bit and headed back upstairs to take care of finishing up the plea deal.

Many of his coworkers were like, "is this the lady?!" and his fav judge said, "You're the Valentine!"    Not sure what he's been telling them about me, but didn't seem bad (he must be lying).  One lady asked if I was the one that sent the tree.

That was the morning.  We had lunch out, despite my having packed sandwiches, cuz neither of really wanted sandwiches (it was cold inside!!) and we had to go to the Post Office.  Atty Trizzle got Chinese food and Taco Truck for me - except Atty Trizzle had to order cuz I don't know enough Spanish.

After lunch, Atty Trizzle worked on filing and I worked on my paper (in between my naps).  He actually left early today, before 5:30 even!  And it was sunny when we left :)  A nice dinner at a local, and amazingly good, Vietnamese restaurant (the one we tried to go to first on Sunday) and then time to relax.  It was a good day.


dorian g and check for blog This is Atty Trizzle in his office with his G and a copy of the check from the case he won Monday.  His coworkers hung the check up in his office.  When I saw the G hanging on his door, I thought it was cuz he's a G.  But no, it's a G for Guilty because he won the most recent case and the defendant was found guilty.  It was a check fraud case.  From the picture, you'd think he was the one found guilty.  (I had to beg just to get this grumpy shot.)

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