Friday, March 27, 2009

Far, Far Away

"They're so far away," I thought, as I lay stretched out on my bed, looking down at my feet.  "How did they get all the way down there?"  "Why, that's the other side of the bed!  Half-way across the room!"  It's amazing really.  If I'm sitting at the top of my bed and there's something at the bottom of it, that thing will be far too far away, too difficult to get, impossible without moving.  Yet, there my feet are, just chilling at the other end.

How did it happen?  There was a time when my feet were so close to my head I could easily stick them in my mouth.  And now, now they're so far away I can hardly believe they're mine.  For goodness sakes, I can't even see them without my glasses on!

I wonder what Daddy thinks when he looks down at his feet.  Or does he not even try?


munckinhead said...

random and not fair.

Jeannie said...

lol - needed a good laugh. Roshan says she will take some of your height - her feet are too close. :) The only thing daddy thinks about his feet is that they are too cold at night. PS before my lasik I couldn't see my knees without my glasses!